M Active is an enterprise that empowers all members of society, giving all access to an endless world of health and fitness, where everyone can transform and achieve their fitness goals.

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We provide multiple brands each with their own facilities. All brands provide state-of-the-art equipment and classes for females and males such as M Active Men and M Active ladies, other brands cater for the needs of the whole family such as M Active Family, Doha Family Activity Centre, Aspire Active, Elite Swim Academy, CrossFit Doha and finally some brands provide unique services for the VIPs in society such as The Venue Ladies and The Venue Men.

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"The M Active Group goes above and beyond provides world class training facilities and products to its thousands of members.”


Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscles or become a better athlete, all the gyms of M Active are fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines, free weights and functional training equipment that you need to reach your goals. The great variety of options will introduce novelty to your training and keep them exciting. Alongside training, M Active facilities are equipped for relaxing, with modern spa services.


At M Active, we recognize that over 70% of the Earth is covered in water and this is why we believe that everyone, male, female, young and old should learn how to swim and expand their access to the world. Learn to swim classes for males, females and all ages are provided at most of the M Active facilities, in addition to aqua aerobics, fin swimming and so much more aquatic activities. Multiple Olympic size swimming pools are found at M Active’s main aquatic activities facility, catering for the needs of the professional athletes and those who aspire to reach elite performance.



At M Active we value your time, this is why we provide a great variety of fitness classes to keep your training efficient and entertaining. Whether your goals are losing weight, gaining muscles, increasing functionality or to have fun, M Active has the right class and community for you, including ladies only, men only and kids & teenager classes.


At M Active we understand the principle of individuality, meaning that the same programme may work for someone, but it may not work for someone else. This is why M Active hires qualified and experienced personal trainers that test every individual and prescribe the suitable training programme to them based on their body and their goals. Whether you are a male, female, adult or a child, the right specialist is available within our facilities to guide and motivate you to reach your goals.